beetroot april Beetroots can be prone to bolting, especially if forced or in very dry conditions. Oddly I have found Early Wonder, which is claimed to be resistant to bolting, bolts when planted early under fleece while cylindrical French ones don’t.

overwintering beetroot

april It is claimed that French varieties mature more slowly, but this is not the case in my experience, so that does not really explain why they don’t bolt. I have grown Carillon and Cylindra in the past but I am now onto Detroit, which has that lovely earthy flavour.

beetroot april The seeds are large enough to plant individually, in fact this is true of all seeds if you take your time. The standard practice is to plant two at each “station” and thin one of them out. I reckon it’s better to plant at half the spacing measurement and then when I remove one the others continue to grow: voila! no wasted seeds.

updated december2008 Vegetable Guide


Beetroot: Planting Guide
Sow: Early March onwards
Depth: 1cm
Between Plants: 7cm
Between Rows: 22cm
Harvest: when ready
Dig This:
Dressing of seaweed products or salt is beneficial.
hand weed around plants
plant in succession
Good Companions lettuce
Dislike ?
Varieties I like Detroit, Cylindra, Carrillon

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