april Sowing the Seed
In early to mid May I will sow a couple of seeds for each variety in a pot of compost indoors. I will make a hole about 2cm below the surface with a pencil and drop the seeds in on their edge.


april Planting Out
One all chances of frost are over they may be hardened of by putting them outside during warmer days and brought in on colder nights. Then they may be planted out into their final resting place, perhaps with the corn.


april Companions
Courgettes are the same family as the squash which formed one of the Three Sisters planted by eastern inhabitants of America before the arrival of intruders from Europe. Their large leaves help to retain moisture in the soil for the other two sisters and crowd out the weeds. It is probably the best and most often quoted example of companion planting. I plant corn interspersed with the courgettes and cucumbers.

 courgette april Harvesting
I try not to let them grow any bigger than 15cm long and pick them even smaller if I have a lot of them, the smaller the better as they taste beautiful but as they get bigger the taste gets lost. At best they can be sliced raw into a salad, and have a discernible flavour which surprises those used to the tasteless varieties available in the shops. Occasionally you miss one, often hiding away under the plant, and once spotted it is consigned to the compost heap. Some people seem to like marrows stuffed, but even a large courgette starts to lose its flavour so I must admit, perhaps arising from some horrific experiences as a child, I have not tried marrows myself in adult life.

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april Varieties I Like
The above is a French green variety: Verte des Maraichers . this is the standard courgette, and it is very tasty. For variation I grow an organic yellow one, Goldie formerly the organic yellow one I grew is in the picture below, Gold Bush . The stripy one is Zucchino Striato di Napoli. As you probably know, Zucchini is merely the Italian name for courgettes which I understand is the more common name for this vegetable in the USA.

Courgette: Planting Guide
Sow inside
in pots:
Early May
Depth: 2cm
Plant out: June
Between Plants: 60-90cm
Between Rows: 60-90cm
Harvest: July onwards
Dig This: Plant inside
first in pots
Plant out in June
after frost
danger over
plant with corn
plant on a hole
filled with manure/compost
will die back
at first frost
Good Companions corn beans
Dislike ?
Varieties I like 1.Goldie
2.Gold Bush
3.Verte des Maraichers
4.Zucchino Striato di Napoli


april Cooking
They are a useful addition to roasted vegetables which can then be served with pasta either as they are or pulped. Drizzle Olive Oil over tomatoes, shallots, pieces of red pepper, and chunks of courgette sliced through the cross section. Roast for up to a half hour or so. Serve with linguine and top with parmesan. As side vegetable Courgettes are best griddled: slice lengthwise and serve with yoghurt or crème frê che. They are also beautiful griddled acrosswise and mixed with pesto sauce, preferably home made with home grown basil, before being served with fusilli.

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