Planting in March february Parsnips
Parsnips need to have a friable soil in which to grow, so if its compacted or in clods they will not grow deep and, like carrots, will tend to spread out their roots or fang. The odd stone here or there makes little difference as they will work round it, but the depth is important. Prize carrots and parsnips are grown in bins of compost and soil mixed.

umbrellas showing through in April february People say they are difficult to germinate but they arenít. Just make sure that you have this yearís seed. Itís the only seed that I donít keep. The seeds are surrounded by blotting paper and I think it is hygroscopic. Providing the soil is the right temperature, about 7ļC, and you water the rows daily to keep the seeds damp, they germinate as quickly as most other seeds, about a couple of weeks. I hope my confidence is not misplaced but since working out this approach the germination has been successful and the little umbrellas have soon popped through. Iím going to plant, Tender and True, they should be called Sweet and Succulent. Roasted there is nothing to match it; mmmm

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Parsnip: Planting Guide
Sow: Early March
Depth: 1cm
Between Plants: 10-15cm
Between Rows: 15-22cm
Harvest: November onwards
Dig This: sow thinly
keep damp to germinate
thin out if necessary
hand weed around plants
Harvest after first frost
Good Companions
Varieties I like Tender & True

parsnips in august

february Tip:
They do need plenty of time to grow, so stumpy or stunted ones are usually from late sowings. I wouldn't stick to specific time of year but watch the weather.

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