sets february Red Onions

plant seeds about 1cm deep in a big plant pot - this may be done inside
transplant about 10cm apart when about 15cm long
growing well february Sets

dib 2cm deep in rows as in the chart on the right

ripening february Water during very dry spells
leaves turn yellow in July
carefully scrape soil away from base in July so all but roots open to the air ready to harvest when they come away, fully dry out in the sun before storing

february Onion Whiterot

White rot is activated only when the soil temperature is between 10º-20ºC This is usually in March/April. At this time overwintered onions or garlic, have a well-developed root system,which helps the white rot to germinate. This is why you need to think carefully before overwintering these crops, because whiterot is endemic on allotments and you may encourage it. you certainly need to take account of this when planting onion sets in spring, making sure that they are not planted with overwintered bulbs.

updated december2008 Vegetable Guide


Red Onion sets: Planting Guide
Sow: Late Feb / Early March
Depth: 2cm
Between Plants: 10/15cm
Between Rows: 15cm
Harvest: when ready
Dig This:
dib in
net against birds
hand weed around plants
generally store well
Good Companions carrots
Dislike Legumes:peas and beans
Varieties I like Red Baron(sets)
Long French Red (seed)

close up

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