salad onions february Salad Onions
Ready to pull in about 12 weeks
Plant in succession every two weeks or as new plants appear.
overwintering salad onions february Tips:
Plant in August to overwinter for spring
When weeding next to plant gently tease the weed away from it to avoid disrupting roots

updated december2008 Vegetable Guide


Salad Onions: Planting Guide
Sow: Late Feb / Early March
Depth: 1cm
Between Plants: 1cm
Between Rows: 15cm
Harvest: when ready
Dig This:
sow thinly.
thin out and use larger ones
hand weed around plants
plant in succession
Good Companions carrots
Dislike Legumes:peas and beans
Varieties I like Hatif de Paris, White Lisbon

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