sets of shallots february Shallots
These round ones are Sante, the elongated ones are Longor. I usually buy some and use some from the year before.They like a neutral PH soil.

 shallots growing well february Tips:
Water during very dry spells
carefully scrape soil away from base in July so all but roots open to the air
ready to harvest when they come away, fully dry out in the sun before storing
a good size february Often more than these are produced, anything up to 10 or even twelve per set.

updated december2008 Vegetable Guide


Shallot: Planting Guide
Sow: Late Feb / Early March
Depth: 2cm
Between Plants: 15cm
Between Rows: 15/22cm
Harvest: August
Dig This:
dib in.
net against birds
hand weed around plants
store well . can be platted
Good Companions carrots
Dislike Legumes:peas and beans
Varieties I like Jermor & Longor

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