decemberclear, concise and very user friendly. As a novice I feel that I too can have a organic garden without being overwhelmed.

this has been sent by walter.......is he a wood pigeon or dove?

I haven't had breakfast yet this morning and am now desperate for some courgettes softened in a little olive oil and butter with some flakes of parmesan, followed by some pasta with loads of broad beans

(My partner) gave me a slap when I said I wanted an extra-long fork but that was probably because I asked with an Irish accent.

Just a quick note to say that your site is brilliant, I love it

december I enjoyed Digmyplot, lots of really helpful tips and bits about organic gardening.

I love your website, I grew stripy marigolds this year too

Iíve just visited your website for the first time it is fantastic, a credit to you Iíve already told 7 of my fellow plotholders of it. Itís very professional

I am very impressed with your website... a really valuable resource which I'm sure inspires loads of people

Great site, nice reading, love the pictures and the toad

december a delight to visit your site again

love it, you know we put nasturtiums in salads here in California, including the flowers, they are very peppery

Have read your newly tended site... and enjoyed it very much, I look forward to next month's installment!

I found your site really interesting. I had exactly the same thing happen with a frog (or maybe it was a toad!) in my strawberries earlier in the year.

I read your articles with great interest and am pleased you 'garden' in your own way and not strictly to the book.

december I was just thinking that as most herbs are easy to grow - even without a garden and they make such a huge difference to any plain meal that perhaps in one of your issues you could do an herb corner

You still owe me a fiver

Your site and your allotment look delightful

I really enjoyed the horsetail section just the way to cheer up a Friday afternoon

december I like your website it's brilliant, very informative and unusual, easy to read and down to earth.

Just read your website and was very impressed. Will definitely re-visit

I am so addicted! I feel as though I share your plot now!

The 'weed' pics is a great idea since there tends to be little info on their identification

december I like the bit about the apple tree.....why is it that maggots are awful things and yet caterpillars are generally not vilified.....seems a bit unfair on the poor maggots.

Donít forget to pick up the milk on the way home

have had a good read of digmyplot and even though I still donít have an allotment , still find it fascinating.

I have just read your beautiful website. Nice pictures and a lot of information. Great!

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