~shallots planted on March 4~ ~ shallots planted on March 4~

march Shallots
As you can see I have just planted the shallots in rows about 15cm apart. I made the line myself, it is simply two pieces of wood and some twine. The second row are staggered with the first.They are mostly newly bought Longor with some Sante and Longor from last year completing the rows. I topped off the lot by covering with netting. Otherwise the birds will yank out the shallots and hoist them into the air. Great fun.

If you don't grow this lovely stuff I thoroughly recommend that you do. These are the remains of the stalks from last year, the idea being to leave them like that over the winter in case the Asparagus Beetle moves in. Then you cut them off at ground level now (as below). You can see the long stalks, which I cut in November when the ferny growth turned yellow,on the ground (top left photo). I do this as a mulch within the walkway to help keep it weed free.The photo below shows the asparagus bed cleared and weeded. Constant weeding is important to stop the Asparagus having any competition.

~Asparagus Bed~ ~Asparagus Bed~
~Asparagus Bed~ ~ Welsh Onions~

march Welsh Onions
I include this photo as Dawn was asking me about these lovely plants. Once established they look after themselves, self seeding and splitting so a continual supply is maintained. I mainly use the tops in salads, they are a very tasty addition.

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